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About us

Bygherreforeningen / The Danish Association of Construction Clients (DACC) is an interest group representing 270 + professional construction clients in Denmark.

The association focuses on three strategic areas: political influence, strong communities, and a continued development of the industry.

As a member, you gain access to a unique network of likeminded professionals, courses and education, exclusive members’ events, and free online tools.

The association was established in 1999 by 28 leading (mostly public sector) clients with support from the Ministry of Housing with the goal to influence and improve the Danish construction sector.

The historical background was a public wish for increased demand for productivity improvements and greater customer orientation in construction.

To learn more, reach out to Emily Krygell Schrøder, Senior Consultant, eks@bygherreforeningen.dk.


The Danish Association of Construction Clients is organized as illustrated below and the daily administration lies in the hands of the secretariat, which also serves as a support function for the board and work groups.

About the secretariat

The secretariat is the administrative heart of the organization. The secretariat carries out the board’s decision, supports the work groups in their tasks and services the members. In addition the secretariat arranges various events, seminars, conferences, etc.

The role of the secretariat

  • Member service
  • Supporting the board and work groups
  • Lobbying
  • Education of member employees
  • Theme meetings
  • Conferences
  • Attracting new members
  • Development projects

For further information, please contact director Henrik L. Bang, M.Sc. and PhD.

See the full list of the employees (in Danish)

About members

The Danish Association of Construction Clients organizes approximately 170 professional Danish construction companies. Our list of members consists of more than 1,300 decision makers from the Danish construction industry, representing a construction volume of 6.7 bn. EUR per year.

DACC has a broad range of different clients:

  • Public sector members – state clients, counties and municipalities
  • Semi-public members – housing associations and coops
  • Private clients – within housing, office and administrative sectors

Click here to see a list of the construction clients who are currently members.

Purpose – Articles of association

DACC’s purpose is to promote positive, socially responsible development in Danish construction including improvement of architecture, quality and productivity as an influental voice.

And furthermore

  • To be a forum for discussion, generation and communication of common beliefs of professional Danish construction clients with the purpose of promoting the construction clients’ interests
  • To influence the laws and regulations concerning construction through informed dialogue, active participation and co-operation
  • To establish and promote systematic exchange of experience between the members
  • To participate in developing new knowledge and tools to support the work of the members
  • To organise professional development for the employees of the members

Objectives – Fulfilling the purpose

  • Strengthen the construction client as a profession
  • Reflect the societal concerns – quality and productivity in construction
  • Challenge the views of public authorities and other construction sector associations
  • Improve general conditions for construction clients through influencing legislation and dialogue with ministries and agencies
  • Establishing common policies for the sector
  • Facilitating work groups in targeted policy areas
  • Developing new knowledge and tools for construction clients, e.g. guidelines, policies and publications
  • Facilitating systematic exchange of experience through education and networking activities for member employees
  • Professional advancement of member employees

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